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This page includes SPOILERS.

1.1 "The Problem of the Missing Baseball" (Pilot)

Episodes 106-110. Rerun in 141-145.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Edward Winter (Clarence Sampson), Billie Hayes (Mrs. MacGregor), Jesse Howard (Howie), Nicholas Shaffer (Store Owner), Nick deMauro (Man in Dodger Cap), Rocky Krakoff (Rocky), Jonetta Thomas (Nell), Jason Wingreen (General Scarlett)
Pre-dating The Sandlot, Kate and George investigate a young teen's claim that his father's autographed Babe Ruth baseball is lost on Mrs. MacGregor's property. Problem is, before the Mathnetters can check inside her house, the house is stolen! By tracing television interference complaints, a pair of dropped eyeglasses, and helicopter rental records, Kate and George think they have pinpointed to where the copter lifted the house. This episode features Tyra Ferrell as Ginnie Carlson in the place of Mary Watson as Debbie Williams, and different opening titles.


1.2 "The Problem of the Missing Monkey"

Episodes 101-105. Rerun in 136-140.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Yeardley Smith (Jane Rice-Burroughs), Dale Park (Grunt), J. Downing (Stock Boy), Lou Cutell (Store Manager), Dick Wilson (Grocer), Paul Tuerpe (Pie Balboa), Joseph Whipp (Buck Clyde), Sandy Gimpel (Stunt Double - Jane), Mike Cassidy (Stunt Double - George)
The Mathnetters are in the midst of a wild caper when local grocery stores report being robbed -- first food, later money -- by a gorilla. In a major twist, Grunt the gorilla is reported missing from the zoo. Jane Rice-Burroughs, Grunt's best friend, claims that Grunt could never have robbed the stores, and fake gorilla tracks found in a pizzeria support her claim. When gorilla sightings are made in different places at the same time, Kate and George conclude that a man, Janos Prokedzion, committed the robberies in a gorilla suit using kidnapped Grunt as a scapegoat. However, while Prokedzion pretends to be Grunt at the zoo, Grunt, having really escaped from Janos, climbs the Hollywood Sign and puts the mistaken George in grave danger.


1.3 "The Problem of the Passing Parade"

Episodes 111-115. Rerun in 146-150.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Andre Gower (Eddie "Rimshot" Harris), Jerry Anderson (John Phillips Lousa), Ken Hill (Floyd Tyrone), Alan Stock (Steve Stringbean), Bob Broyles (Man (At Dry Cleaners))
Chief Greene enlists the Mathnetters' assistance to plan a parade for Burbank's favorite son, rock star Steve Stringbean. However, before the parade can march on, Steve is kidnapped. Steve's young friend, precocious drummer 'Rimshot' Harris, was in the back of Stringbean's van during the kidnapping, and using rhythm and the angle of incline of a celery tonic bottle is able to retrace to path the kidnappers took. Their hideout is deserted, but the evidence of tire tracks from a very old car might help. The kidnappers demand a $104,020 ransom, and Steve sings to them the message, "Please do what these people say." After a few dead ends, they hypothesize that the notes of his song correspond to the touch-tone notes of the kidnappers' phone number. They check the databases for old cars and the number, 555-7657.


1.4 "The Trial of George Frankly"

Episodes 116-120. Rerun in 151-155 and 171-175.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring William Windom (Judge Hoffman), James Karen (Prosecutor), Marvin Katzoff (Oren Terwilliger), Sheila Rogers (Mrs. Schwamb), Gene Wallace (Desmond Ratcellar), Jim Thurman (Crusty), Gary Paget (Wiley Monger/Jake Karamazoff), Wayne Grace (Bailiff), Richard Sanford (Double - George)
George returns from a week on a fishing vacation at Nomanissan Island. Chief Greene, however, demands answers, because on the previous Friday, security footage captured video of George robbing the Next To The Last National Bank. Furthermore, the missing $250K shows up as a deposit in George's account, George's car has extra mileage on it, and George can not reach the pilot of the only seaplane who could testify to George's innocence. To make matters worse, George's trial is scheduled to begin already, and, with no defense, he plans to be his own attorney! To George's surprise, the seaplane pilot appears, but testifies that George made the trip for the bank. Kate proves with weather data that the pilot couldn't have done this, but it may not be enough to help George: it might be his impersonator in the courtroom.


1.5 "The Problem of the Dirty Money"

Episodes 121-125. Rerun in 156-160.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Kevin McCarthy (Norman Mailbag), John Anderson (Roark), Eve McVeagh (Mrs. Swaggle), Ric Mancini (Ernie), Sena Ayn Black (Gussie Biceps), A. J. Freeman (Customer #2), Ricardo Lopez (Customer #1), Mike Muscat (Driver (Barney))
Kate and George are baffled when three truck drivers report that their dump trucks, filled with dirt, have been stolen and, later, returned. They realize that the dirt inside was stolen, and investigate. Following a hunch, they find the missing dirt abandoned in the gravel pits. It seems that the dirt had been taken from an excavation of a carport owned by infamous armored car robber Merle Fish, whose hoard of loot was never found. Looking for additional information, the Mathnetters interview Norman Mailbag, an expert on Fish's crime, while he is gardening. Suspiciously, Mailbag is about to leave on vacation with excess luggage, has dirty fingernails under his gardening gloves, and has shoes with prints found at the gravel pits and with chemical traces of the stolen dirt. Now that Fish is dead, his accomplice may be attempting to nab the money.


1.6 "The Mystery of the Maltese Pigeon"

Episodes 126-130. Rerun in 161-165.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Devon Ericson (Maureen O'Rilley), Adam Carl (Noel Sphinx Jr.), Ritch Brinkley (Jasper Stoutman), Monty Landis (Arle Rodin), Nicholas Love (Workman #1), Scanlon Gail (Workman #2)
Maureen O'Rilley calls on the Mathnetters to help plan an exhibition of the Maltese Pigeon, a gorgeous sculpture with a sapphire in its tummy, and claims that desperate men, who would stop at nothing, seek to possess it for greed. That night she calls them to report the Pigeon stolen. The two prime suspects are a young boy, Noel Sphinx Jr, and a real oddball, Jasper Stoutman. Later, Stoutman calls them, claiming that he had indeed had the Pigeon, but it had just been stolen from him. Maureen's alibi of being at the Hollywood Bowl on a rainy night, and seeing Peter and the Wolf by Tchaikovsky, not Prokofiev, raises suspicion. Kate and George try to speak with Maureen, but it seems that she is away, selling her ice sculpture business. They find a heat lamp spotlight at the museum that could have easily melted a phony ice Pigeon. It turns out that Noel Sphinx is a secret agent for Malta, and with his help, George tries to catch Maureen with the real Pigeon by turning into Humphrey Bogart.


1.7 "The Problem of the Trojan Hamburger"

Episodes 131-135. Rerun in 166-170.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Kenneth Mars (Hans Ballpeen), Henry Jones (Orson Kane), Madge Sinclair (Amelia Airliver), Yula Gavala (Beulah Ballpeen), Ben Wright (Hives Bottomly)
The Mathnetters get a call from Beulah Ballpeen, a housewife whose husband has been 'stolen,' along with his car. Kate and George are diverted from the case of Hans Ballpeen when millionaire eccentric Orson Charles Kane's estate calls seeking help moving a large box containing a giant oak hamburger sculpture. After they estimate its weight, the hamburger is moved but Kane is irate; he never desired such a sculpture. Matters get worse the next morning, when Kane's Despair Diamond is missing! When no robber is detected by security, the Mathnetters consider that he or she came in by the hamburger and left by hot air balloon. Hans Ballpeen reappears and tells Kate and George that he was forced to use his diamond cutting skills to cut a huge diamond. Hans turns out to be a birthday party clown, and fills balloons with helium. They conclude that Hans set up the entire caper using a small helium balloon, and try to catch him red handed, and red nosed, with the diamond.


2.1 "The Case of the Willing Parrot"

Episodes 201-205. Rerun in 231-235.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Geoffrey Lewis (Norman Tedge), Ian Fried (Walter Treppling), Russell Johnson (Frank Puck), Charles Dobronevsky (Mel the Taxidermist), Sunshine (Little Louie), Jim Thurman (Beak of Little Louie)
A boy asks the Mathnetters to investigate a haunted mansion. Walter Treppling claims that he's been hearing eerie moans coming from the mansion of his deceased friend, vaudeville and film star Roscoe "Fatty" Tissue, which is now owned by his talking parrot Little Louie. They assume it's the wind, but the moans are heard even when the air is still. They find Norman Tedge hiding in an upstairs room making the noises and trying to find Tissue's fortune. Little Louie keeps reciting "1, 1, 2, 3," the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence, but the Mathnetters don't catch on to it until Louie hides in the mansion's gardens and reveals himself when they call out the sequence. This part of the sequence is represented on a painting in the mansion, and is the combination to the safe behind it. They find a tape recorder there, which leads them to a complicated Fibonacci-like tile pattern behind Tissue's rose bushes. Little Louie turns up missing again, and after checking bird shops and taxidermists, he is found in Norman Tedge's apartment. Meanwhile, George and Walter figure out the pattern by using modular arithmetic on Fibonacci's sequence, and they all leave to see what's behind the single incorrect tile on the wall.


2.2 "The Case of the Great Car Robbery"

Episodes 206-210. Rerun in 236-240.
Directed by James F. Golway
Co-Starring Ronnie Schell (Art Fraud), Ron O'Neal (Sgt. Bill Dietrich), Bernadette Kelly (Li So), Eric Morris (Chief Wharfinger), John Stinson (Tucker - Sky Cap)
While Kate tries to teach George how to dance, Sgt. Bill Dietrich walks in to show them bar graphs revealing a huge increase in car thefts all over the city. When Bill picks up his towed car at a LAPD lot, Kate and George encounter a teenage girl, Li So, whose car was towed but isn't at the lot. Debbie finds some similarities between the makes and models of the stolen cars, and, with the help of used car dealer Art Fraud, the Mathnetters determine that they were all heavy cars. More people report that their cars were towed by LAPD wreckers and aren't in the impound lot, so George concludes that phony wreckers might be the culprits. Kate convinces Chief Greene to garage the LAPD's wreckers for a day to seek out the phony ones. Meanwhile, after investigating used car sales, ships, and air flights, they still cannot explain where the stolen cars are going. After the fake wreckers are spotted, Kate sets up a trap. George hides under the seat of a heavy car, with a homing device, parked in the no parking zone at Los Angeles International Airport. Sam and Steve are supposed to chase him when the car is towed, but they are blocked in a parking garage. Kate, with Debbie and Li So, breaks the speed limit chasing the charlatans on the expressway having driven all the way from headquarters until the homing device's batteries die. Spotting it, Kate follows the wrecker to a junkyard but they are moments too late. Helplessly, they must watch George's car get loaded onto the compressor to crush it.


2.3 "The Case of the Deceptive Data"

Episodes 211-215.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring McLean Stevenson (Mike Pliers), Dick Sargent (Wellworth Watching/Vicious Vinnie Vermin), Jack Riley (Mr. Ledbetter), Nedra Volz (Myrna Breckenspan), Rachel Longaker (Geri Lynn), Matthew Faison (O. L. Hoover), Kip Baker (Mr. Joseph Average), Toni Sawyer (Brain Surgeon), Coriell (Corie Wright)
Popular children's TV detective Mike Pliers and the president of Mike's fan club, Geri Lynn, are brought in by George to help save the cancelled show. It seems that the ratings for The Mike Pliers Show plummeted recently in favor of the insidious Vicious Vinnie Vermin show, and George is irate. They investigate the Hoover Rating Service, where Wellworth Watching demonstrates how statistical sampling works. Mr. Hoover, the secretive president of the company, asks the Mathnetters to investigate a possible breach of computer security, and to analyze their numbers. Kate and George interview some people who reported watching the Vinnie show; they were all in fact dedicated Mike Pliers fans. They find that some of the ratings boxes were tampered with, and set to report Vinnie's show when it was on. Kate notices that the police sketch of the ratings representative who went into the homes looks like Wellworth Watching without his moustache. Since it appears that Vinnie has something to do with the case, Kate, George and Mike check out Vicious Vinnie's TV studio. George spots Vinnie using Mr. Watching's pocketwatch, while on the air.


2.4 "The View from the Rear Terrace"

Episodes 216-220.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Guy Stockwell (Raymond Sticker), Marcia Wallace (Mrs. Wynn), F. William Parker (A. Holding Coe), Wendell Burton (Bernie Woodward), Kate Murtagh (Mrs. Selkirk), Jimi Bridges Jr. (Ambrose), Richard Adams (Mr. Wright), Judith Piquet (Carol), Brenda Bryant (Bobbie), Sharon Noble (Tanya), Linda Montana (Alice)
For reasons unrevealed, Kate is away for the week in her apartment nursing a broken knee. George and Debbie study a wave of bank pranks, like sprinklers and heating systems going off. Kate, at home in a wheelchair, thinks she has found a pattern; the assets at each of the pranked banks in sequence increases by about $10 million. Bernie Woodward, a newspaper reporter, shows George that he had been sent a series of poems written on banks' withdrawal slips after each prank. Meanwhile, Kate claims that she has been seeing a neighbor building bombs with dynamite and plastique, but George determines that the neighbor, Raymond Sticker, is a harmless clock enthusiast and sculptor. George finds that the withdrawal slips reveal the next bank to be pranked, and stakes out the Safe Enough Savings Bank. There, a laughing gas bomb left on a timer erupts in a wastepaper basket. With the help of a new, pattern-breaking poem, George and Debbie find that the pranked banks are all owned by the same man, who is about the celebrate a bank anniversary. At the anniversary party, George finds a sculpture of Raymond Sticker's given as a gift. It's a plastic bomb wired to an electric grandfather clock. Meanwhile, Sticker sees Kate spying on him, and, in Kate's unlocked apartment, ties Kate down in her wheelchair with a time bomb wired up to the front door. George has to figure out how to dismantle both bombs before both timers run out, but Kate, sweating, doubts that there is much hope.


2.5 "The Case of the Missing Air"

Episodes 221-225.
Directed by Karl Epstein
Co-Starring Bob Arbogast (Byle Dupe), Ron O'Neal (Sgt. Bill Dietrich), Tom Reese (Boyce Choice), Peggy Rea (Gracie - G. A. G. Office), Mary Gillis (Receptionist), Gil Christner (Customer - 10-4 Store), Craig Shaefer (Attendant - Gas Station), Charlie Dell (Man - Gas Station)
Hair salons, fast-food joints, convenience stores and gas stations are being held up by a masked man who talks like a duck. Kate and George investigate some of the gas stations, and get another report of the duck-speaking robber. They notice patterns between the times each business was robbed, a small window of a few hours in the afternoon. Debbie inquires into their advertising, and finds that they all advertised on the same radio station, K-YUCH, and the same show, The Byle Dupe Show, and that they all had cancelled their advertising just before the robberies. Byle Dupe, an insulting loudmouth talk show host, claims that he was on the air with his live show during the robberies, even though the Mathnetters hadn't revealed to the public when they had occurred. Noting that a map of robbery locations corresponds roughly to a K-YUCH signal coverage map, and that Dupe once did a children's radio program about a duck, Kate and George are certain that he is somehow committing these robberies. They then realize that Dupe taped his show, and stake out the last unrobbed convenience store on the map to catch him.


2.6 "The Case of the Map With A Gap"

Episodes 226-230.
Directed by James F. Golway
Co-Starring Ben Hoag (Bronco Guillermo Gomez), Gene Moss (Scruffy Rommel), Ray Stricklyn (D. John Mutard)
A young cowboy named Bronco enters the Mathnet office with a treasure map that he thinks will lead to gold robbed by Saddlesore Capone in 1853 in the ghost town of Mulch Gulch. Placing a cylindrical mirror on the map reveals the message, "Dig heer." Kate, George and Bronco visit the Kern County Library to compare the maps before heading out to the deserted town. Arriving on horseback (and muleback), they settle into camp for the night until the sound of gunshots forces them to check the town. To their surprise, the town's buildings are lit and they hear voices and music, until they enter. Everything stops and gets dark, and back at camp, they find tampering. The next morning, George trips on an electrical cord which leads them to Scruffy Rommel, a desert person whom they had been warned about at the library. He turns out to be harmless, trying to scare people away just to be alone. Using ropes and triangulation, Bronco and the Mathnetters dig where the map says to, and they find a rusty old box containing... another map. After several hunches fail, they assume that the note "C. Myrer" is an instructive misspelling of "see mirror." The reflection in the mirror, along with the first map, shows them the other part of the map and where to dig for the gold. However, D. John the librarian arrives, armed and ready to claim it for himself.


3.1 "The Case of the Ersatz Earthquake"

Episodes 301-305.
Directed by Jesus Salvador Treviño
Co-Starring Julie Bennett (Sybil Divine), Anita Morales (Rosa Morales), F. William Parker (Mayor Quail), Clyde Kusatsu (Dr. Karl Von Shogun, aka Dr. Milton Miyasaki), Ric Cane (Geraldo Rialto), Cary Pitts (Dan - Newsman #1), Robert Stevens (Peter - Newsman #2), Bob Braun (Tom - Newsman #3), Mariko Tse (Connie - Newsperson #4), Larry McCormick (Newsman - Anchorman), Carl Parker (Fred C. Dobbs), David D. Connell (Dick - uncredited), Jim Thurman (Vern - uncredited)
Kate and George witness Sybil Divine's successful prediction of the previous night's minor Los Angeles earthquake on live television, and Mayor Quail, who is put under a lot of pressure, wants them to find out what exactly happened. George, using Kate's hamburger, demonstrates what causes earthquakes. Next they visit a seismologist, Dr. Milton Miyasaki, to learn more about earthquakes and how they are measured. Miss Divine calls a press conference claiming she will predict the Big Quake for $10 million, and the next L.A. quake for nothing. Knowing that she cannot predict quakes, Kate, George and the mayor are astonished when she predicts that the next one will happen immediately, and the building indeed shakes. The seismologists do not detect a quake, and a device is found on the roof of City Hall that can simulate an earthquake. The Mathnetters then learn that Divine was once known as a magician's assistant named Disappearing Wanda, who once robbed a circus. George plans a ruse to fool Miss Divine and prove that she used sleight of hand to fake her predictions. However, just when the Mathnetters think their job is done, Chief Greene sends them on a plane to New York City.


3.2 "The Case of the Swami Scam"

Episodes 306-310. Rerun in 331-335.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Neal Benari (Swami River), Ron Frasier (F. Lee Bully), Louis Zorich (Marvin Belly), Michael Lombard (Percy Mason), Helen Lloyd Breed (Elvira Elmira), Estelle Harris (Post Office Clerk), Willie Carpenter (Man at Post Office), Ralph Farnsworth (Sleeves the Butler), Matthew Schroettnig (Pencil Kid)
In Manhattan, Kate and George set up a murky new office and are instructed to investigate some retired lawyers who were swindled in a horse racing scam. Their new taxi driver Benny Pill drives them to see each lawyer. The lawyers say that mail sent by a swami contained a series of remarkably successful predictions of sports events, a trial, and an election, and that the swami then offered to sell them the name of the winning horse in the Beef Stakes for five thousand dollars. Each of the lawyers sent the money, bet on a different horse, and lost. They try to trace the postmark on the swami's letters without success. Kate and George see a play at Lincoln Center, where they continue to hypothesize. Speculating that the swami sent out letters to retired lawyers with every possible outcome, and that a certain few would have received all correct predictions, the Mathnetters attempt to track down the lone winner, a retired lawyer named Elvira Elmira. Elmira doesn't tell them anything about her swami letters until the swami makes her an offer for winning lottery numbers. The swami comes in person to pick up the money, so Kate and George act in her place.


3.3 "The Case of the Parking Meter Massacre"

Episodes 311-315.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Conrad McLaren (Fred Furd), Bill Fretwell (Officer Krupke), Tom Flagg (Mike Mallice), Ray De Mattis (Walter Premium), Irving Metzman (Blons Moedock), Helen Hanft (Female Customer), Cullen Johnson (Edwin Moose), Wayne Knight (Peter Pickwick), Margaret Devine (Liza Borden), Victor Raider Wexler (Ernest Merchant), Esther Hyun (Siree), Michael McGrath (Barney Oldmeal)
Someone is stealing parking meters by chainsaw all over Manhattan, and Kate and George investigate. First, they find a pattern in the order of the vandalized parking meter collection zones. After this pattern fails, they discover another -- the meters were swiped, with money inside, just before collection. Checking on the few people who know the collection schedule, they find that Peter Pickwick, the copier, makes himself an extra copy. The investigation is shafted aside when George's apartment is robbed by a man in a blue van. Lying to a reporter, George jokes that a stolen quarter was rare and extremely valuable. Meters are ripped apart, with the money left on the street, while Pickwick is in custody; it's done by the apartment robber Barney Oldmeal, who thinks he had spent George's quarter in a meter.


3.4 "The Case of the Unkidnapping"

Episodes 316-320. Rerun in 336-340.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Tammy Grimes (Lauren Bacchanal), Sue Anne Gershenson (Eve Adams), Arnold Stang (Pop Bespectakled), Michael Sergio (Sgt. Abruzzi), Johnathan Freeman (Joshua), Lianne Kressin (Ms. Snood), John Bentley (Stage Hand), James Mellon (Tommy), Rex Reed (Himself - uncredited)
Kate is upbeat when her college friend Eve Adams visits Mathnet and talks about her role in the new revival of "Anything Went" starring Lauren Bacchanal on Broadway. Eve describes the financing of a Broadway play and gives Kate and George free tickets to the play's opening, which is a huge success... for Eve, and not for the obnoxious and aging star. Eve, the understudy, is given the lead when Lauren doesn't show up, but the evidence shows that Eve kidnapped her. The Mathnetters hear a phone message recording of touch tone notes. Using combinatorics and a wooden sliding device, they decode Lauren's location in Nyack. She claims that Eve, who is already in jail, performed the kidnapping at a time when Eve was actually performing a matinee.


3.5 "The Case of the Strategic Weather Initiative"

Episodes 321-325.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Marshall Efron (Spiro Gearloose), Kent Broadhurst (Colonel South), J. Frank Lucas (Congressman Folly), Blair Lucas (Private Klodge), Shirl Bernheim (Mrs. Gearloose), J. J. Barry (Mr. Sludge), Ben Thomas (Ronald Crump), Louis Cantarini (Lefty)
Government officials from The Polygon enlist the Mathnetters' help in securing an unmanned weather plane, the Z-13, which is involved in inventor Spiro Gearloose's plan to dome the earth and control the weather. At MacArthur Airport on Long Island, they find that the plane has already been stolen. Kate, George and Benny try to determine how far the truck carrying the plane could have traveled. With the plane now detached from its cooling system, Gearloose warns that the plane will soon explode, threatening the entire New York City area. They triangulate and find the plane's radio transmitter, but they find the plane has been launched from an unused stretch of highway. Cartel, a group of international arms dealers, offers the plane for sale to the third world.


3.6 "The Case of the Masked Avenger"

Episodes 326-330.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Tom Billet (Masked Avenger), Lara Jill Miller (Terri), Steven Marcus (Louie), Bruce MacVittie (Joey), William Bastianni (Conrad), Al Lewis (Ring Announcer), Nick Giangiulio (Referee), Mondo Kleen (Dr. Snooze)
The Masked Avenger's masked daughter and her masked pooch bring Kate and George a coded message. The Masked Avenger is being blackmailed by The Mob to throw a charity wrestling tournament or they will reveal about a former opponent who had died in the ring. They investigate the tournament bracket, while the Avenger, inspired by the Mathnetters to be honest, tells his story to the press before The Mob can. The Mob keeps threatening the Avenger, and George meets with them disguised as the Avenger to reject a bribe. The Mob, however, becomes more ruthless and kidnaps the dog as a warning. The Avenger rejects the warning and is kidnapped the next day. While Kate attempts to track down the kidnappers, George has to fight a real match, appearing as the Avenger, against the unexpected challenger Dr. Snooze.


4.1 "The Case of the Unnatural"

Episodes 401-405. Rerun in 431-435.
Directed by Jesus Salvador Treviño
Co-Starring Paul Dooley (Casey Bengal), John Sayles (Roy "Lefty" Cobbs), Maddie Corman (Babs Bengal), John Griesemer (Frank N. Steenbrenner), David D. Connell (Dick), Jim Thurman (Vern), Kevin Winkler (Painter), Barry Squitieri (Fan), Abby Lewis (Mrs. Koch), omitted: Kevin O'Morrison (Coach Koch)
Babs Bengal expresses her concern to Pat and George about a friend who always sends her recreational number games, but lately has been breaking the rules and patterns of the game and acting strangely in general. Her friend is the baseball pitcher Lefty Cobbs, who has recently posted impossibly good statistics. At baseball practice, they witness Cobbs pitching at 160 miles an hour and hitting home runs with one hand. The Mathnetters alphanumerically decode his number game, which tells them he is "captive," just as Cobbs is winning a Minor League World Series game. His personal trainer Frank N. Steenbrenner, who watches over him at every moment, announces that Cobbs will be sold at auction to a Major League team. With the help of Steenbrenner's college baseball coach and another part of the decoded message, they find that the real Lefty Cobbs has been replaced by an adenoid -- that's android -- and must stop the auction.


4.2 "Despair in Monterey Bay"

Episodes 406-410. Rerun in 436-440.
Directed by Jesus Salvador Treviño
Co-Starring James Earl Jones (Chief Thad Greene), Jayne Meadows (Lady Esther Astor Astute), Chuck McCann (Sheriff Mooney Rooney), James DePaiva (Archie Leach), Clark Gordon (John Steenbeck), Lewis Dawber (Airline Captain), Keone Young (MBARI Rep), Kristi Chong (Little Girl), Morgan Stock (Egress), Peter Doven (Guard),Greg Allen Johnston (Waiter)
Chief Greene invites Pat and George to Monterey to help track down the jewel thief Archie Leach. Archie steals the Despair Diamond from an estate dinner party and escapes via motorboat -- but his boat capsizes, sinking the diamond and all evidence of his guilt. Several attempts at locating the diamond, including scuba diving, take into account their triangulation of the accident and the surface currents. They find only tools. Archie too is scuba diving, and searching the shore for anything that turns up. Using sonar equipment and the underwater currents, they find Archie's lost cummerbund with the diamond. With it, they simply need to catch the thief.


4.3 "The Case of the Calpurnian Kugel Caper"

Episodes 411-415.
Directed by Jesus Salvador Treviño
Co-Starring Carol Lacatell (Sylvia Sherwood), Charlie Heath (King Christmas Family Special III), Peggy Shay (Agent Ovitz - Little Old Lady), Lanny Flaherty (Kaboom Pickens), Jon DeVries (Agent Ovitz - voice), John Revell (Boy Scout), Ari Roussimoff (Hell's Angel), Alexander Harrison (Newsboy)
The CIA enlists the Mathnetters to look after King Chris of the small country Calpurnia. Chris is a teenager who dreams of being a game show host, and his favorite game is Wheel of Jeopardy!, a game whose home edition utilizes random number generators. The Mathnetters spend time with Calpurnia's finance minister Sylvia Sherwood, and they nearly lose the king in Central Park. Calpurnia's sole export, chuckberries, is denigrated due to a phony study in a journal which falsely implies a causal relationship in a correlation between chuckberry consumption and teenage zits. The conglomerate BLT refuses to buy the chuckberry crop for the year, destroying Calpurnia's economy. They find that BLT previously paid for the crop in cash with nearly half of all of Calpurnia's currency. They suspect counterfeit money is the issue, and find that the serial numbers of their Calpurnian kugels all have no repeating digits. As part of the scam, and with more counterfeit money, Kaboom Pickens offers to buy the ailing country to turn it into a theme park.


4.4 "The Case of the Galling Stones"

Episodes 416-420.
Directed by Bill Schreiner
Co-Starring Bernice Massi (Hestor Phestor), Herschel Sparber (Marion 'Mad Dog' Fist), Paul Lazar (Louie Jerris), Joe Palmieri (O. Dean Middlemun), Paul Barry (Judge), Dane Knell (A. Tad Bland), Seret Scott (Prosecutor), Spruce Henry (Bailiff)
Hestor Phestor, the dictator of the island nation Mondo Yucky, accuses Pat of stealing her dodecahedron bracelet. The two had collided in O. Dean Middlemun's jewelry store, and the bracelet is found in Pat's trenchcoat pocket during a search. George, acting as Pat's attorney, makes a good case in court for the bracelet having merely fallen into the pocket, but, on the witness stand, Middlemun announces that an emerald is missing from his collection, and an anonymous phone calller told him that it is in Pat's apartment. There it is indeed found. As Pat prepares for sentencing (seven to ten years) George and Benny investigate other recent jewel thefts in which jewels had been replaced with fakes around the time Hestor Phestor was visiting. They suspect that Phestor sold a jeweled national icon which had been mandated to be displayed, and needed to replace it. Pat recognizes a pattern of birthstones in the thefts, so they stake out the jeweler that holds the biggest pearl in New York City.


4.5 "The Case of the Poconos Paradise"

Episodes 421-425.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring Stephanie Silverman (I. O. Privacy), Dennis Predovic (J. Thurlow Muck), John Michael Higgins (I. M. Uppwardds), Margaret Devine (Cynthia Gooch), Kevin McClarnon (Thug)
Pat and George are asked to help the 19th Precinct through a burglary crisis. Young, overbearing, greedy, upwardly mobile rude twerps (YOGURTs) are being robbed of unusual appliances while staying at the Poconos Paradise resort in Pennsylvania. The Mathnetters suspect J. Thurlow Muck, the owner of Poconos Paradise, until another precinct has a similar rash of burglaries of middle aged rich people (MARPs) in Atlantic City. Meanwhile, George sets up a new computer with useful database software. They find a link between the sets of burglaries in a Bayonne, New Jersey mailing house owned by I. O. Privacy, who is arrested. She escapes to Mathnet HQ where she uses her knowledge to help predict where the next burglaries will happen. They stake out an apartment and catch a burglar, as does two other police teams. Privacy claims that someone hacked into her system via computer, and the log shows J. Thurlow Muck's phone number. However, she slips that she knows a bit too much about the investigation.


4.6 "The Case of the Purloined Policies"

Episodes 426-430.
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Co-Starring John Moschitta (Johnny Dollar), Akili Prince (Stanley Swinnin), Beverly Wideman (Catherine T. Willcall), Ron Lee Savin (Caspar Floosh), Robert T. Weil (News Dealer), Ralph Marrerro (Sidewalk Vendor), LaDonna Mabry (Bank Officer)
Pat and George investigate an increase in insurance claims at the Meglopolitan Insurance Company. Johnny Dollar, a speed-talking insurance investigator for the company, explains insurance to them and to the visiting student, bicycle champ Stanley Swinnin. Stanley's bike is stolen just before a trick biking contest and Benny, his teacher, tries to help him construct a new bike. They search Dollar's database and find that most of the claims were on expensive cars insured by agent Caspar Floosh in the Greenwich Village office. Researching, they find that the cars and the owners are phony. They check handwriting and conclude that Johnny Dollar is behind the caper. As Pat tries to trap him while talking on his car phone, Dollar has an accident and his car sinks in the Hudson. Pat is distraught for causing his death, so the Mathnetters personally deliver the life insurance check to his mother. The person they meet isn't really her -- Dollar is arrested for the scam.


5.1 "The Case of the Mystery Weekend"

Episodes 501-505. Rerun in 526-530.
Directed by Bill Schreiner
Co-Starring Betty Buckley (Sally Storm), Nick Wyman (Peeved), Steven Marcus (Miles Reed), Suzen Murakoshi (Amanda Plonk), Gerry Vichi (Wally Wallaby), Leonard Jackson (Col. Ashby Wiggins), Zora Rasmussen (Kitty Feline)
George invites Pat to a Mystery Weekend game upstate, where people act out a crime and try to solve it. In a thunderstorm, they take the wrong road and travel to a mansion where six other guests are staying with a butler, Peeved. The guests begin to disappear one by one, and a pattern emerges: a scream, a newspaper clipping marked with "justice will be done," and a statue of Justice. The newspaper clippings reveal another pattern: each of the six guests was accused of crimes, found not guilty, and, afterward, altered his or her name. As the storm continues, the phone is dead and the bridge is out. Peeved is knocked unconscious, and, eventually, only Pat and George remain... and the unseen kidnapper. They use a map to try to figure how the kidnapper could secretly travel between the disconnected rooms on the second floor. To make matters worse for Pat, George then disappears.


5.2 "The Case of the Smart Dummy"

Episodes 506-510. Rerun in 531-535.
Directed by Bill Schreiner
Co-Starring Todd Stockman (Edgar Bergman/Charlie McShtick), Brenda Pressley (D. A. Wofford), Doris Belack (Broadway Annie Rose), Bill Britten (Floyd Snerd), Mike Hodge (Mr. Singletary), Ann Harada (TWM Agent), F. L. Schmidlapp (Businessman), Lora Tan Chinn (Miss Jessica), omitted: Rex Everhart (Blinky Isenglass)
The Mathnetters take on the strange case of Charlie McShtick, a dummy whose ventriloquist has fallen into a coma. Since Charlie can thus communicate, he explains how Lolly, the dummy who is the third member of their act, was switched with another suitcase at LaGuardia. Edgar Bergman, the ventriloquist, opened and shut the suitcase and hadn't spoken since. They unlock the suitcase and find a million dollars, and investigate why no one has inquired about the money. They suspect it is stolen. The money wrappers and a string of bank robberies match the Hamiltonian Circuit of Edgar's flight itinerary. Edgar and Charlie are arrested. Charlie claims that one of their flights was canceled, so they could never have robbed one of the banks. They have enough evidence to free them from jail, so they can attend the Award Show For Award Shows which the threesome was to host. Meanwhile, the money doesn't match the stolen money, and is determined to be counterfeit. A rival ventriloquist, Floyd Snerd, had a similar flight itinerary and is the replacement host at the award show, where he attempts to saw Lolly in half.


5.3 "The Case: Offthe Record"

Episodes 511-515.
Directed by Bill Schreiner
Co-Starring Melba Moore (Carol DeVilbis), 'Weird Al' Yankovic (Murray the Mouth), Bill Corsair (Morris Norris), Al Frantz (A. G. Gerfner), David Cale (What One), G. W. Rooney (What Two), Max Von Kramer (What Three)
Carol DeVilbis asks Mathnet to investigate the business practices of her company, Offthe Record, which seems to be getting early airplay for its music for no reason. They check radio stations to determine if payola is involved. Meanwhile, George tries to raise a gerbil in the office. They decide to pose as a brother and sister rock group and record a math song. Their song, with an unusual title created by the president of the company Morris Norris, a former computer programmer, quickly rises up the chart and becomes a hit. They find a discrepancy between the sales and production figures: songs sold hundreds of thousands of copies, even though only 500 were pressed. They interview one of Offthe's surprisingly numerous departed acts, and find that they were never paid for their work. They notice that all of the songs with the mysteriously rapid sales have two commas in the title, and that the computer ratings database was hacked to multiply their early figures by 10,131.


5.4 "The Case of the Bermuda Triangle"

Episodes 516-520.
Directed by Jesus Salvador Treviño
Co-Starring Nile Lanning (Trudy Ebbtide), Ed Sala (Capt. Philip Francis Bogey Queeg), Curt May (Meat Puppet Donnawhy), Michael P. Moran (Long John Silverplate)
Pat and George are invited as guests on the Donnawhy talk show to speak about the importance of mathematics for Math Awareness Week. George, however, is irate -- and gets himself kicked off of the show -- when another guest, Captain Philip Francis Bogey Queeg, claims to have escaped sea monsters in the Bermuda Triangle and shows footage from old horror films as evidence. High school student and boat enthusiast Trudy Ebbtide contacts the Mathnetters and confides with them the true story about Queeg; they were searching for the H.M.S. Twain, a shipwreck loaded with treasures that her ancestor sailed. Finding the treasure could prove that Gramps Ebbtide was not a traitor. Trudy gets Queeq and pirate Long John Silverplate to sail from Bermuda again, but the compass acts erratically. Now that Trudy's attempt has failed, Queeg searches again and finds the sunken but empty Twain. Using codes found in the ship's log the Mathnetters investigate a different solution: that the Twain was a fleet of two ships. However, Trudy is kidnapped, apparently by Queeg. Pat and George determine and visit a new dive site in North Carolina, and onboard the kidnapper tries to kill George by cutting his air hose.


5.5 "The Case of the Piggy Banker"

Episodes 521-525.
Directed by Bill Schreiner
Co-Starring Daisy Eagan (Emmy Kelly), Avner Eisenberg (Emit Kelly), Patrick Garner (Simon Legume), Adam Lefevre (Al Dente), Jane Cronin (Blanche Nutt), Michelle Register (Herself)
Pat's friend Emmy Kelly's father is accused of embezzlement at the Bank of Legume. Emit Kelly and his daughter Emmy are clowns who put on birthday parties for children whose families can't afford them. Simon Legume shows them that the pattern of branch embezzlements matches Kelly's branch assignments. Meanwhile, Kelly is jailed but tries to console Emmy. The money was stolen from ATMs, or automatic teller machines, and the security cameras show a clown. They investigate other clowns. The Mathnetters, with Emmy, notice that the missing money is always a multiple of nine, because all of the digits add up to a multiple of nine. Another bank embezzlement occurs, which frees Emit from jail. They determine that $100 bills were loaded into the slots for $10 bills and activated by a special account number. Thus, each bill withdrawn resulted in a $90 profit. They stake out an ATM to catch the real thief, and the clowns throw a birthday party for Michelle at Mathnet HQ.
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